What are the effects of nationwide transportation strikes on the supply chain?

Bangladesh Sarak Paribahan Sramik Federation and Bangladesh Truck-Bus Owners Association are planning a countrywide transport strike for an indefinite period starting from Friday, 5th November; 6:OO am protesting the recent hike in fuel prices. 

The potential effects on the supply chain are listed below:

→     Cargo Delivery to Depot or Port:
—     The shippers will not be able to truck out their cargo from the factories to the CFS during the strike.
—     There is already a scarcity of truck availability in the market which will continue post-strike due to a surge in demand.
—     Trucking costs might go up.
→     Operations at Depot/CFS:
Potential impact if prime movers join the strike
—     No movement of empty or laden container from and to between Deport and Chittagong Port.
—     Stuffing activity might get impacted/delayed due to restriction on empty movement from Port. The impact can last post-strike as well.
—     No import delivery and no laden movement from CFS may lead to congestion at CFS.
—     Post-strike congestion at the road can impact laden movement to port. We anticipate missing feeder vessel due to huge rush on-road and at vessel hook point.
Impact on Sea Port:
—     Congestion at container yard because of no delivery of Import during the strike and empty movement from Port.
—     Vessel might sail leaving behind ladens due to no show of export laden causing pressure on space post-strike. It might take a couple of weeks to stabilize space requirement vs Capacity.
—     Vessel waiting time at outer anchor might get increased and proforma berthing might get impacted
Sending and Delivery Cargo to and from Air CFS /Airport:
—     Shippers will not be able to send cargo to Air CFS or Airport.
—     No import delivery is possible during strike
—     Truck unloading will be impacted which will further aggravate the current congestion at Airport.

Source : Maersk Shipping Company

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