Important Acronyms related to freight inquiry – Part-2

—     Below quotation was received from a ship operating business that specializes in the transportation of dry bulk commodities. Please allow me to explain the acronyms used in this quote.
o   50k 10pct MOLOO
o   Muara berau – 8k load SHINC
o   Chittagong+mongla -3k Disch FHINC
o   July Lycan
o   Usd 32.5 pmt basis 1/2

 What has been said in the quote??

→     Pct = Percent
→     MOLOO = More or less in Owner’s option
→     Muara Berau = Port of Loading (POL)
→     8K Load = Rate of Loading tons per day
→     SHINC = Sundays and Holidays Included – Charter-Party term, which provides that Sundays and public holidays count in the calculation of laytime, whether or not used for loading or discharging, as the case may be.
→     3K Disch = Rate of Discharging tons per day
→     FHINC = Fridays and Holidays are Included in calculating the laytime for vessel chartering
→     LYCN or Laycan or L/C – Laydays and Cancelling Date – Period during which the shipowner must tender notice of readiness to the charterer that the ship has arrived at the pod of loading and is ready to load, this period is expressed as two dates, for example, laydays 25 March canceling 2 April or, when abbreviated as laycan, laycan 25 March/2 April.
→     BSS 1/1 = Basis 1 Port to 1 Port
→     BSS 1/2 = Basis 1 Port to 2 Port 

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