Supply Chain Disruption: How coronavirus could impact the supply chain?

Though it is difficult to predict the exact consequences of coronavirus, organizations might begin to see impacts across the supply chain, including:

Materials: Supply shortages of materials or finished goods coming from or routed through logistical hubs in impacted areas.

Labor: White- and blue-collar labor may not be available due to quarantine guidelines or illness.
Sourcing: Travel may be restricted to certain areas, limiting the ability to discover, qualify and certify new business or programs and to transact business.

Logistics: Established hubs and supply networks may experience limitations in capacity and availability so that even if materials are available, they would be stuck elsewhere. Finding alternative routes and means of transportation will become difficult.

Consumers: Consumers may be more cautious in their purchasing habits due to fears about being in public and potential exposure to the virus. Many may turn to online sales, challenging logistics networks.
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